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In the early 1900’s Salvatore Riccardo came from Naples, Italy to New York to find a better life. He began peddling produce from a horse-drawn cart. In 1943 he moved to Scranton and built a small outdoor produce stand which became very successful. He eventually handed this small business over to his son, Rocco, who is the current Rocco’s late-grandfather. Rocco eventually handed this business over to his son, Salvatore, who then built the “small” Riccardo’s that was located on Wheeler Avenue. This business soon became successful and known for high quality produce, meats and deli products,

We were bursting at the seams, so in 1993 the Rocco Riccardo you know and love moved the main business to Blakely Street to a bigger location. After 15 years at this location, Rocco, Andrea and Salvatore decided they wanted to build their own store from the ground up in order to make it better than any other store in the area. In 2010 the brand new Riccardo’s Market opened and the store has been thriving!

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